Chemistry in our envirnonment

Chemistry in our envirnonment
This time I’d like to present you a totaly different picture. It centers around the topic “Chemistry in our environment”. Everyone today is surrounded by chemistry all the time. Most tools we use are out of products synthesized by chemists. But chemistry is much more: in animals, plants and – of course – humans, a huge variety of chemical processes is going on. We are like a huge reaction vessel: By assimilating substances e.g. food, water or oxygen of the air, new products are formed, energy is released, etc.
This picture which, of course, doesn’t show a real laboratory system, should stand for this processes going in our environment.

According to the good resonance and a couple of new ideas, i will use this image as starter for  a series about the topic “Science/Nature”.

One Response to “Chemistry in our envirnonment”
  1. Awesome column , I am going to spend more time reading about this topic

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