Cerry blossom / sakura

Cerry blossom / sakura
So you see – i’m a bit late 😉 The cherry blossom was a couple of months ago, but I think I shoul share this image with you. In my street there is a beautiful cherry tree which has so many blossoms every year…and all of them are flying down on the ground an make a large pink carpet!

4 Responses to “Cerry blossom / sakura”
  1. anthonynchandlerphotography says:

    Very nice shot of the blossoms…the shallow depth of field is beautiful!

  2. Mark S. Orr says:

    I like your Flickr pictures! They show control and descipline along with flair and creativity.

  3. robertjmayer says:

    Thank you both for your comment!

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